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Our primary objective is to offer high-end : Tele-Communication Products and Service Needs  | Website Development of any Kind, for any purposes | Digital/Marketing Products and Service | All Online Advertisement & Marketing Solutions and Web Re-design/ development to Businesses + All kinds of Apps Developments.

You’re probably wondering how to quickly sell out your products, services and restock?

Here’s how to do it :

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These are not easy time for many businesses @ All…

If your business is affected by these hardship economy and extraordinary circumstance.

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We promise you the best products and Services HERE. 

"Keeping YOU Connected 24/7, Communication Moving

 and Business Thriving is our is our utmost priority.

Our Products and Services Includes:

Telecommunication Products and Bill Payments Solution:

All Networks Airtime | Browsing Data Bundle of all Networks | All Type of Bill Payments < DSTV, GOTV, Startime> | Electricity & Prepaid | Exams Pins <WAEC,NECO&JAMB |  Sale Your Gift-Cards With Us  + Buy  &Sale  BITCOIN.

Standard Website Development of any Kind For Any Purpose.

Even though you are making big profits from your business, you are still leaving money on the table if you don’t have an online presence.

Now the Question Is:
People can find a lot of things on the WEB
...is your  Business | Church | School | Company | Organization etc  one of them?

Technologies have changed drastically in recent years.

Have you changed?  Or you don't know that the internet is the first place people now go to when they are searching for a product or service...?

No matter how much profits you are currently making from your business you are still leaving money on the table if you don't have an online presence.

That's why we have decided To: Register | Host | Design & Optimize
Another 50 Professional Websites Between NOW & TO THE END OF (THIS MONTH)
at a ridiculous price (a reasonable price you can afford).

Buy Nigerian GSM Database Phone Numbers [ categorized State by State, LGA, Locations with Names and Sex Genders : for your effective SMS Marketing & WhatsApp Blasting .

Do you want to DRIVE MASSIVE SALES, PATRONAGE or AWARENESS to your :Business, Company, School, Church,  Products or Services,  Supermarket, Boutique, Hotels, Agriculture Products, MLM Networking products  , Affiliate Marketing products & services, Referral programs,  E-commerce..etc...

You’re probably wondering how to quickly sell out your products, services and restock right ?

If YES, then by now you should know that:

ONE thing that will make you EXTREMELY successful in your business is a huge DATABASE list  of the Right people guaranteed to buy what you are selling.

NOTE: I did not say people, but i said, “The Right People“

Now imagine if you sell wedding rings, and you are handed a list of men who have plans of proposing next week. It’d be way easier convincing them to buy a ring from you than trying to convince someone who doesn’t have plans of getting married.

This is why this: Updated Categorized  GSM Databases Phone Numbers. [ Stored: State By State, LGA, Location + name and Sex Gender] [ for your effective and personalized SMS Marketing ] is absolutely priceless.

Is a huge list Of Professional and Business Sectors of real human beings who are ready to Buy from YOU again and again, so all you need to do, is to  control them with a powerful and well messages.

Via => BulkSMS Services OR WhatsAPP Blasting

[ all for your effective SMS Marketing ]

Buy Nigerian and International E-mail Address Databases

 [ for your effective eMail Marketing ].

STOP wasting Money!! Advertise to the RIGHT audience right now with our VERIFIED Online Advertisement Active Email Address DATABASE.
Here is the secret way to reach thousands and Millions

 of Nigerians fast, without spending millions of Naira in advertising.

  • Do you have a product or service to sell?
    • Are you getting tired of promoting and getting nowhere?
    • Are you interested in increasing your sales instantly?
    • Are you looking for something with an exceptional difference?
    • Have you wasted so much money advertising your products or service & pasting your ads & nothing to show for it?

. Have you join thousands of facebook groups and pages to promote

your products and services. Yet nothing to sure ?

Try our fresh Active & Verified Nigerian Email Address Database List and you will see the difference.

We provide some of the highest quality leads available in Nigeria. 

The New Released Nigerian and International E-mail  Database [ for your effective eMail Marketing ]

Made Available To All Nigerian Advertisers & Business Owners…Supermarket Owners, Boutique Owners| Small Business Owners | Affiliate Marketers | MLM Business

Owners | E.T.C


Download Over 150 Motivational and Business eBooks

It Is said that "Leaders are Readers".

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once said that “You are the same today as you’ll be in five years to come except for two things:The Books & Videos You Read and watch + the People You Comes In Contact With”.  

I want to give out more than 150 Life Changing Best Motivational &
Business eBooks.
“You are the same today as you will be in five years to come expect two things.
 { The Books You Read and The People You Come In Contact with  }

These books really change my life and still working to bring out more
of the best in my life: And
In fact some of this books are not found in any book-shop both online
and offline.
Most of the Great and Successful business people both past and present
in the world have read some of these books.

If You Desire The Best In Your Life and Wish To Grow Into Being A
Successful Entrepreneur too.

Hurry Now and Place your Order on this: HOT "150+ Best Selected

Motivational & Business eBooks.

Premium Caller Tunes Setup

ATTENTION ! Let's begin:

What is Caller Tunes?

Caller Tunes refers to the customized or personalized ring back service that allows you change the normal “ring ring” sound that is played whenever your Family Members | Colleagues or Friends | Customers or Clients |etc.

Calls your phone number....With a particular tune of your choice.

Caller Tunes entertains, informs and advertises your { Business both online & offline Businesses|Shop | Companies | Organization | Churches for their different programs, | Schools for their different program + events | etc...anytime your callers call you with a pre-uploaded advert jingle.

5 Major Ways On How Customized Advertisement  Caller Tunes !l.. Can Help Your Business Expand Its Market Reach..

1.}  Rather than the conventional "ring ring", an advertisement customized caller tune, helps you build an irresistible brand that will ensure your business remains ahead of her competitors and take your services and products directly to the hands of a ready audience. It is thus an efficient form of one-on-one advertising as your message is directly delivered to your prospects ear with no interference. (This premium caller tune can also be setup for your {online & offline Businesses|Shop | Companies | Organization | Churches for different programs, | Schools for different program + events |Brand, Music track, NGO, etc) etc...

What ever you do for a living can easily be advertise, market , broadcast, had & reach a large audience who are calling your Business phone number using Our
Advertisement Customized Caller Tune Setup. With that, introducing your business, products & services to the caller, which will let him or her know exactly who you are & what you are into even before he ask any other question.

2.}  This Advertisement Customized Ring Back Caller Tune, helps your business penetrate deep into the mind of every customer/client with personalized mobile campaign  that delivers your message directly into their Mobile Phones wherever they are, any time , any day.

3.}  With an Advertisement Customized Caller Back Tune, your prospects need not to listen to the ordinary conventional rings or lesser hello tunes rather they can listen to the introduction of your Music, Business , products or services that you offer.

  1. } Your Customized Advertisement Caller Tune, can keep your prospective customer & clients engaged in case you are not available to pick your calls, should you be in a meeting or unavoidably absent to pick up your call at that moment.

 5.}   An Advertisement Caller Tune,  is a cost effective way to expand your reach to your customer better.

Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Blasting Services.

  • Reach your customers anytime anywhere
  • Create direct business impact
  • Instant delivery
  • Create brand awareness
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer retention.


GSM Short Code Setup.


SMS short code is a 5 or 6 digit number, just like a phone number, but shorter and easier to remember. SMS short codes are used to receive and send out text messages to consumers and are issued by the short code provider. Short codes are leased on a yearly basis by companies or SMS service providers.

On the other hand, a Short code is a 5 or 6 digits phone number that can send and receive short code messages, allowing consumers to interact with and access a wide variety of mobile content through text messaging. Example of short code; 35519, 35612. 

Now The Big Question!

Have you ever received a text message from different short numbers like 35490,34260 asking you reply with some word to get something? Did I hear you say YES!

 Right! Again what do you do when you get the text messages? Simply Delete it? Well I want you to do something very important.

Don’t Delete Those Messages Again!

Why did I say that? 


Toll FREE and Non Toll FREE Line Setups.

USSD Code Setup.

Email Marketing Solo Ad Services


Facebook Social Media Marketing..

Online Advertisement Plans and Social Media Marketing Services.

Speak to Us about the kind of business you are into: Its products and Services. | We will choose the best online Advertisement plan for your business fast growth. Carry out the best effective Digital | Social Marketing Plans that will give you the best Result.

We offer a complete advertising and publisher’s solution to all online advert campaign management requirements: Be it Mobile Marketing, Google advertisement, Facebook advertisement, Email marketing ,

SEO [ Search engine optimization ] Google Adword | Creating Youtube channel for your business  | Graphics and Printing | Complimentary Cards | Jotter | T-shirt Branding | Newspaper media adverts, printing and sharing of flyers,  Sales Funnel Setup and blasting, Radio & Television jingles, etc.


It is important to regularly maintain marketing activity for maximum growth. We will continually monitor each marketing channel, and will respond to any questions, comments, and posts within a one-hour time period. One hour will allow us to confirm that accurate information is relayed back to the person asking. Ensuring maximum return on your Advertisement, Marketing and Branding activities.

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Nigeria Web Solution is above the rest as an exceptional Web hosting, Online Social/Digital Marketing and Website Development company. We have many years of leading experience with global businesses of all sizes.

Which includes Government contracts and political projects.

 and have built up an affluence of Web hosting, Digital marketing and Website Design expertise. Nigeria Web Solution is a company that you can rely on.

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